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Christians give God one tenth (called a tithe) of whatever money we make, based on passages in the Bible where people gave God one tenth of their goods. Some people struggle with even giving that. Some people ask if that’s really how much we should give God.

When you look at it, that does seem to be as much as God “requires.” But then again, everything belongs to God anyway. He has the right to ask for as much of it as He gave you. Add to that, when you get saved you are giving your life to God. God can and does actually ask you for everything. God is an all or nothing God. All you have is really His whether you acknowledge it or not, and whether you’re saved or not. God gives us certain things because we need them to live. But that doesn’t mean that we get to do whatever we want all the time. Ask God what He wants you to do with His stuff, especially if He gives you a little extra. God knows best how to use His stuff. He made it out of nothing and He made it all for a reason, so when He tells us what to do with it, that is exactly how it is best used.

All this doesn’t mean that God will leave you with nothing; God is loving and will never leave you without your needs covered and provided. God does, however, bless you so you can bless others. He lets you use His stuff, but He also gives it to you so He can use you to bless others. Yes, He can use you because you belong to God, too. But don’t worry about being unduly burdened, God doesn’t do that to His children.

So how much should I give God? Everything. All of it. Even myself.