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In the ancient Roman army, the soldiers knew how to march in formation and use their shields together. They stood right next to each other and made a protective wall. When under fire from above, they would huddle up and create a turtle shell with their shields. Each man knew what formation to take and when, and he knew that he and his buddies would protect each other.

This is how faith works in a church. While a shield is nice to have on your own, remember that you are in an army and you have a division to work in and with. You are vulnerable when standing alone. Stand together in faith with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Brothers and sisters in Christ need to help each other. Faith isn’t to protect just you, it is to protect your buddies alongside you as well. When the enemy and his attacks come, God gives you exactly what you and your church need to huddle up. It doesn’t take a whole lot (Luke 17:6). Are you using it?