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I was looking through some older writings I have and thought I would share. This is from 2014, before I had this blog:

We humans are the personification and epitome of inconsistency.

We are corrupt and live by our own morals, and that causes enormous amounts of inconsistency. We can be kind to some people, but utterly horrible to others. We can be kind to all the little fuzzy animals, but be completely insensitive to our fellow humans. We can do good things and be pretty decent people, but then turn around and do something mean, hurtful, or downright disrespectful and inappropriate. We are all such hypocrites!

We humans like to compartmentalize things, but we can’t. We weren’t made to be that way. Every little thing that any one person does affects someone else, which affects someone else, and so on and so forth. No man is an island. Even if he were, even islands affect the ecosystem. Everything is connected. So it doesn’t work if you do good things and bad things. In God’s eyes you are just as guilty as everyone else.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stay that way. God can make you better.