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I’ve been thinking of the song called “I Wonder As I Wander”. It points out the wonder of Jesus coming to earth as a baby. I’ve especially been thinking about the first and third verses.

Jesus, the Savior, came here to die for us. That’s how He saved us. Innocent, immortal God died for sinful mortals. (Then He rose again to seal the deal!)

If Jesus had wanted anything, He could have had it, but He limited Himself while here. As the song talks about things Jesus could ask for, it seems to imply that even the biggest thing is a “wee thing,” which is true, considering that Jesus is the King of the universe. Jesus the King limited Himself for us!

Sometimes I also wonder as I wander, out under the sky. I wonder why and how Jesus did all these things, and even though I don’t always understand why He loves us so much, I thank Him very much for what He has done!

My favorite rendition of the song: I Wonder As I Wander – Epic Version! (by Simon Khorolskiy)