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Many of us know that Immanuel, or Emmanuel, means “God is with us.” It’s a Greek word and a Hebrew word. We can see a Greek transliteration in Matthew 1:22-23 right from Hebrew in Isaiah 7:14.

What strikes me interesting is how closely the word “immanent” relates to the word “Immanuel.” Both are about being with, in, near, or beside. Essentially the title of this post is redundant.

I know the point of “God with us” is often made, especially around Christmas. But I want to point it out more. The Son of God, God Himself, came to be with us. Jesus came to be with us so that He could redeem and rescue us from our sin by paying for it Himself. A man had to die, but no man was perfect enough, so Jesus became one while still being fully God. Jesus loves us enough to have stepped down into – very much into – creation, limiting Himself to it for a time while still being the limitless God.

Jesus came to be with us. When He died and rose again He made it so that one day we can go to Heaven and be with Him. God will be even more immanent then!

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