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Mankind is obsessed with living forever. We know that we are mortal, that death is inevitable. But we work so hard to prolong life, and even strive for immortality. Why?

Mankind has a God-given awareness of eternity. There is something beyond us, beyond this physical realm. Our bodies die, but our souls do not. We know that even though death is normal, it is not natural. At one time, there was no death. But then man sinned.

We are made for eternity. We are made for eternal life. But we seek to achieve it by ourselves, by our own strength and power. We know something is wrong, but we are seeking to repair it by our own terms and conditions. We seek to repair something that only God can remedy.

We humans don’t like to ask for help. But we desperately need it, and we can only get this kind of help from God. Because when our physical bodies give out, our souls move on to eternity in either Heaven or Hell – eternal life with God, or eternal separation from Him.

And this is a choice. God gave us the ability to choose, by giving us the actual option to live forever once our sin-cursed bodies give out. But God had to cleanse our sins away first. So God’s Son, Jesus, came down to us and bound Himself to our mortality. God Himself became mortal, while still being the absolutely immortal God!

Jesus, God’s Son, died. But because He is also God, He didn’t stay dead. He rose back up to life! This is how God fixed our mortality problem! He died, then came alive! Jesus died to pay our sin price, then He rose back to life because He has the power over death!

Do you see this? Do you see this! Read it again! God fixed our mortality problem by dying, and coming back to life!

We are made for eternity. Immortality is natural. Want to read more about it? Read 1 Corinthians 15:24-26, and the book of Revelation, specifically the last few chapters.