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I’m one of the actors in an upcoming church play. The play presents the Gospel through a slice of life and its troubles. I don’t have a main part and I’m not the one who says the most important pieces of the play, but my part is still there on purpose. Whether a main character, side character, background extra, director, sound and light tech, set builder, prop person, costume and makeup person, stage manager, or stage hand, each person in the play is all part of a bigger whole. On stage, backstage, or around the stage, each part is in the play to work together towards the goal of illustrating the point.

Like lines in a sketch, each part on its own isn’t the whole picture. Like notes in a song, each on its own isn’t the whole piece. All the parts work together to make the whole what it is. If you take one thing out, however insignificant it seems, you change the whole thing.

While your part in a given job or situation may not seem significant, know that it is. When God calls you to something that doesn’t seem like it’s doing much, remember that it is.