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Something was brought to my mind yesterday. It’s something I know, but don’t typically think about. When we remember all those who have died in protection of our country and freedom, we often think of them as wise, brave, old men. But many of them were boys when they died. Many of the men and women who have died for our freedom were young, full of life yet to be lived.

This means that they were not only brave enough to fight, they were brave enough to give up what they could have had. Many soldiers who die for their country do not do so at a ripe old age. Many have barely started a career. Many have only had the military as their career, and still just started. Many haven’t started a family of their own. Many leave behind their families that were just beginning.

This Memorial day, as we remember the young and old who have sacrificed their lives for us, may we understand what that really means and honor their sacrifice accordingly.