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This is mostly for American Christians. Go ahead and look up the word “persecution.” Think about something negative that you personally experienced for believing in and following Jesus, and see if it is persecution.

Then allow me to say, “Who cares?” Take a look at what Christians in the Bible went through. Look at what Christians to this day go through in other countries.

Yes, to an extent it can be good to know what persecution is. Maybe if we knew what persecution really meant, we American Christians would see what big babies we are. But even if we were being horribly persecuted, then that shouldn’t surprise us. We have all read the same Bible, right? See Luke 21:12 and John 15:20. If we really love Jesus and we actually show people what He is like, then of course we’ll be persecuted. But that’s okay. You don’t quit, you don’t waver, you don’t stop being exactly who God told you to be.

But my point is, many of us don’t even know what real persecution is. People telling us not to talk about God and shunning us from friendships and activities isn’t really that bad. So what if someone doesn’t like you? Jesus didn’t say that people had to or were going to like you. But He did say that if you look like Him, a lot of people will hate you (John 15:18-21). He also said that you should love these people anyway (Matthew 5:44, see also Romans 12:14).

Did I mention that Jesus also said that you are blessed when persecuted? You should also be glad when it happens (Matthew 5:10-12). If you are doing what Jesus told you to do because you love Him and the people that He loves, then you are blessed when you are persecuted and you know you aren’t the first and only person to do something right.

Persecution will eventually happen if you are living a godly life (2 Timothy 3:12).

Persecution doesn’t mean destruction as long as God is involved (2 Corinthians 4:7-10).

Persecution isn’t something you go through alone (Romans 8:35).

Persecution isn’t pleasant, and there may be times when you need to get away from it, but it isn’t something you complain about like a big baby or run away from like a frightened chicken. Even if you are being or end up being deeply persecuted, know that it doesn’t surprise God and that He will keep you through it. Even when things look their worst, God will show His best.

Persecution? Who cares?