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We humans are social creatures – even we introverted folk. God made us to need each other. The first thing recorded in Bible that God said is not good is about man being alone (Genesis 2:18). God also gave humans the ability to reproduce and said to do so (Genesis 1:28). It’s good and healthy to interact with, get along with, work with, and play with others. It starts in the family, and branches out from there.

This is why we say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Community is necessary. But when the child is grown they don’t stop needing the village. As adults we still need each other. We need friends. We need to help and we need to be helped. There are many jobs and life situations that we cannot handle alone. There are a lot of people that would have died, and a lot of discoveries and inventions that would not have been made without people helping each other and working together.

God knows what we need, and God knows who we need. From the beginning, God is always able to supply. It takes a village, and God made a village.