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Last night in the sermon, one of the things mentioned was Jesus healing Peter’s mother in law. (Luke 4:38-39) This scene looks somewhat humorous in my mind.

Peter’s mother in law was dying of a fever, so Jesus rebukes the fever and it leaves. The fever is immediately and completely cured. How do we know? Because the next thing this lady immediately does is get up and minister. Considering the culture, she probably made food and fed everyone. Or as the associate pastor at my church put it, “She got up and made sandwiches and sweet tea.”

But just think about how awesome that must have been to witness. One minute Peter’s mother in law is dying of a fever, Jesus tells it to go away, and then, as I imagine any Jewish lady would, she gets up and feeds everyone.

It might have been like, “I’m feeling so much better! You must all be hungry! Come, eat!”

“Are you sure you feel up to it? You were just sick a minute ago…”

“Nonsense! I feel fine. Sit down, I’ll whip up something!”

Talk about a miraculous recovery – that must have been so awesome to see Jesus’ healing!