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Looking through some old notes, I found this one: Jesus knows more about your profession than you do.

Jesus is God, and since God knows everything, so does Jesus. The Holy Spirit is also God, and He is within me, so that reinforces to me just how well God knows things about my life.

Jesus knows what my job is and what I do, and He knows best how to do it. It’s a good thing I ask Him for help as often as I do!

Jesus knows what your job is and what you do, and He knows best how to do it. You can ask Him for help whenever you need it! On top of that, it’s okay and even good to just talk with God about your job.

Because Jesus knows our professions better than we do, He also knows how to use them for His glory. We can accomplish God’s will by doing the best we can for Him in our work. We can show others some important things about Jesus by how we work. God can use our good work to further His Gospel!

An added implication for me is this: Because Jesus knows something as regular and everyday as my job and because I know He cares about me, He surely cares about everything else, no matter how mundane or unimportant any of it feels. Jesus knows my business, and cares how I go about it. And since I’m a Christian, my business is Jesus’ business.