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My brother, youngest sister, and I were out in the car last night talking. We happened to see a June bug and someone brought up that while in the Bible humans are sometimes compared to sheep, other times we could also be compared to June bugs. It sounds a little silly, but sometimes we are like June bugs.

For those who don’t know, a June bug (sometimes called a May beetle) is a small, round, brown beetle that usually comes out in its highest numbers around the month of June, sometimes May. They’re not the brightest bugs, and certainly come across as clumsy. They quickly tire themselves out as they frantically seek light, suddenly falling out of flight or off a wall and onto their backs, unable to get back up. Even if by some miracle one did manage to get up or if you pick one up and set it upright, within seconds it will fall onto its back again, for no apparent reason. That’s where we got the human comparison. We fall into sin and are unable to help ourselves back up, and then even when we are upright once more, it doesn’t take us long to get right back where we were.

Fortunately we don’t have to live the short life of a June bug. We were made much differently. God has far better plans for us. Let’s participate in that plan instead of mindlessly chasing after things that put us on our backs.