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There are places in the Bible where it tells us that if we want something we can simply ask God for it. That’s it. Just ask. Look at Matthew 21:22; John 16:23-24; James 1:5. You just ask, knowing that God is good and will give you what you need. Ask in faith, ask believing (Matthew 21:22; James 1:6). This means that you trust and you know, so you look forward to it.

Now while you can just ask and receive, there are times when you will not receive. This can be for many reasons. It could be because you don’t really need it right this moment. It could be because God is telling you to wait, or to do with what you have for now. It could be because you are asking for something you should not (James 4:3). It could be something else entirely. Whatever God’s reason for you not receiving, it is still okay for you to ask, and it is okay for you to talk to Him about it.

Also remember that the closer your desires are with God’s desires, the more you will ask for what God wants you to have. 1 John 3 talks about God’s love and righteousness, and what it looks like when you belong to God. It talks about the family resemblance God’s children have with their Father. It talks about abiding in God, being close to Him. Read the whole chapter, and then with the context in mind take another look at verse 22.