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A friend and I were talking on the topic of being citizens of a country and being part of God’s kingdom. As Christians, we don’t belong here in this world. We may be citizens of the countries we were born in and live in, but this isn’t really our home anymore. We’re citizens of God’s country, and we hold higher loyalty to Him than to our earthly countries. We’re just here temporarily on a mission to invite others to come with us when it’s time to go home.

When you think of this world and the physical realm as not being your home, it really puts into perspective how temporary it all actually is. God is going to get rid of it one day and replace it. Before that happens, He wants every human to be on the right side of the wrecking ball, so to speak. Since it’s all just temporary and won’t be going with us, we tend to cling less to it. We realize we don’t need it. It doesn’t matter, because we know God has already furnished our home.

Our home isn’t here. We live here for now and make ourselves useful as we pass through, telling and showing people that God loves them. When we die that just means our mission is over and the King has sent the car to bring us home – a place where we’ll be more at home than we’ve ever been!

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