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Yesterday morning in church a specific line stuck out to me: The Holy Spirit doesn’t need everything to be just right in your life for Him to do His work through you.

We were talking about Paul the apostle and how he had a prison ministry, but from inside as a prisoner. Paul wasn’t the slightest bit bothered that he was a prisoner in Rome, and didn’t feel the least bit hampered by it. He preached the Gospel to anyone and everyone, regardless of his situation. In fact, God put Paul there on purpose because that was the best way for Paul to do what God wanted: to take the Gospel to the Gentiles and to kings (Acts 9:15-16).

Sometimes sharing the Gospel is not easier when your life is going perfectly. Sometimes sharing the Gospel works better when you’re in some difficult circumstances. But God doesn’t waste whatever situation you are in.

God’s Forgiveness – Paul the Apostle
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