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Recently I’ve posted about how weird Christianity can sound to people who don’t know what’s going on. Allow me to expand on that a little, but not necessarily to Christians this time.

If you don’t believe in God, then Christianity is going to sound weird to you. It will sound incredibly stupid sometimes, even (and sometimes especially) when we explain it. But unless you have met God, unless you have experienced Him and believed in Him, the things that Christians say are going to sound like just another opinion. After all, the world is full of opinions about God and the purpose of life, and each one is different. Who’s to say which opinion is actually the right one? Who’s to say we aren’t all wrong?

God is the one who says. But if you don’t believe in Him, then why would that matter?

Again, unless you meet God – “face to face,” as it were – and believe in Him and what He says, everything any Christian says about God, morality, and life is just someone else’s opinion to you.

Is it the Christians’ job to change your mind, or to convince you?

Nope. That’s God’s job.

God is the one who can change your mind and convince you, but He lets you make up your own mind. He gives you plenty of opportunity, observable material, actions, and people to show you, but you decide whether you listen or not. You are ultimately the one who makes up your own mind.

So even though it may sound stupid, I pray that God will show you that He isn’t just someone else’s opinion.