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Justice was slapped in the face so that we could have grace.

In the sermon yesterday morning, the pastor focused on the unjust mock trial of Jesus in John 18. Not only did it break several laws for having a trial, it wasn’t even a trial in the first place. None of it was fair at all. But if it had been, then Jesus would not have died for our sins.

If justice were to be served, Jesus would never have left Heaven. We would still stand guilty before Him, having no payment or covering for our sins. But the Just One endured the most unjust treatment so that He could extend mercy to us.

On top of that mercy, Jesus knows what it’s like to be on the bad end of injustice. He knows how you feel when you are unjustly treated.

And on top of those, God will one day right all wrongs! He will execute final judgement and justice, and there will never be injustice again.

So the next time we feel unjustly and unfairly treated, we can remember that Jesus knows what it’s like and that one day it will all be okay. Jesus turned the other cheek just like He told us to do, and He can help us do that ourselves. He will one day right all the wrongs, so we don’t have to take that into our own hands.

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