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Yesterday in church we had a guest speaker and he talked about the first several verses of Hebrews 12. His comment on the first verse about laying aside weight was particularly noticeable to me: It doesn’t matter what the weight is, you lay it aside.

The obvious weight to lay aside is sin, but weight is more than just bad things in our lives; any weight that hinders you is something you need to set aside. Sometimes the weight we carry isn’t necessarily bad, but it isn’t the best thing for us to be carrying at the moment. Athletes use weights to train all the time, but when you go to run, you need to put aside all the weight.

Let’s not get caught up in doing good things at the expense of better things, or in doing better things at the expense of the best things. Whatever God tells you to do is what you should be doing. When God tells you to run, you lay aside the weight and you run.

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