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This past year I have learned some new things, re-learned other things, and had still other things reinforced or solidified.

Never mind the instrument or tool used to teach you your lesson, mind the Teacher of the lesson.

It doesn’t hurt as bad as you think it does to open up and trust. After all, God is taking care of you.

Nothing can touch you unless God says it can. If He says it can, then He’ll walk through it with you, giving you the strength and guidance you need.

Call things as they are, not as you see them. God knows things as they are, so talk to Him about things.

Read the Bible, it is God’s words to you. Listen to the Holy Spirit, it is God’s voice to you.

Want to know for sure that you really believe what you say and think you believe? Ask God to test that out. You’ll know.

Raise your hope as high as God’s throne!

Food tastes better – and is even more satisfying – when you share it.

Some patience and grace will go a long way, giving and receiving.

Keep your standards as high as God wants them. It helps you want what He wants. Don’t settle for less than God’s best!

If you want something, ask for it. When you want what God wants, you can ask for anything you want.

Sometimes you get scratches when you climb, but the view and vantage are worth it.

Walking all alone is dangerous and disheartening. Walk with God and the good people He brings your way; it makes the walk more joyful no matter where God leads you.

When God tells you to let go, you had better let go! In fact, you had best let go! Sometimes He wants to give you something better. Sometimes He is removing poison or thorns from you. It might hurt right now, but it will be much better in the long run to let go.

The best decision is often the hardest one, but God will give you peace when you honor Him with the right choice.