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(For part one: Learning from Animals – Dogs)

I didn’t know I’d have a second installment, but I have a couple stories to share.

I’ve heard a story about a dog waiting eagerly outside a door. His master had already gone inside, and the dog had never been in the room behind the door, but he wanted inside anyway. When the door opened the dog immediately bounded into the room without fear or reservation.

He didn’t know anything except that his master was there, and that was enough to want to be on the other side of the door.

This next one is from personal experience. A friend came to visit with his dog, and we took the dog for a walk. While walking right next to his master, the dog walked confidently keeping perfect pace. Then it was my turn to hold the leash. We all walked side by side for a while, but when my friend walked behind us, his dog began to walk a little slower with less confidence. My friend said, “He’s walking slower because he can’t see me.”

The dog couldn’t see his master. He knew his master was there, but wasn’t going to go far without him.

Of course we are God’s children and not His pets, but let’s be eager to be with our Master and Father wherever He is, and love to walk confidently by His side. God loves you and wants you to walk hand in hand with Him, and go through open doors because He’s already there.