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This is a little connected to Humans and Stories.

Once again, we humans love stories. We love telling them and hearing them. As we read, watch, listen to, or play stories, we learn. Sometimes these lessons are good and sometimes they’re bad, depending on what the point was and what we learned from it.

At times stories are constructed to show you something you might not otherwise have noticed or seen. Some of the prominent story learning I’ve had has put me into the shoes of someone else, given me a glimpse of life through someone else’s eyes. In some ways it’s like interacting with types of people I might not have tried talking to, and finding ways of interacting I might not have thought to do otherwise. Through these experiences I discover new kinds of people and ideas. Even fictional characters and situations are based – however loosely – off real people and comparable life situations.

At times stories are constructed to ask an important question. For example, while watching Star Trek episodes with my mom, sometimes I find an episode asking a question that it doesn’t really answer, because you’re supposed to think about it and find the answer yourself.

Each story has a purpose for being written, whether it’s as lofty as teaching life lessons and bringing important concepts to mind, or as simple as just wanting to make something fun. Stories are made for several reasons, and several lessons can be learned from each.

As a little side thought: God knows we love stories, and has written the best one! You thought other companies and franchises were good with meta-narrative and connecting universe stories, check out the work God has woven through human history!