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This morning my mom has left me instructions about taking out a roast and starting gravy and potatoes while she’s doing something else. When sitting to write this blog, that made me think of the instructions God left for us.

We have the Bible. When Jesus left, He gave the Great Commission. We have instructions to follow until Jesus comes back. We are to live set apart lives and connect with the lost, telling them about and showing them Jesus so they may be saved.

If I don’t follow the instructions my mom set out, what would I tell my mom when she comes and finds them undone? But on an even greater level, if I don’t follow the instructions Jesus gave me, what would I tell Him?

The instructions have been left for a reason. We are supposed to follow and do them. We can’t put them off because then we might be too late. We can’t only do part of them because then they’re still not done. The instructions aren’t there just so we don’t get bored. The instructions are there so everyone can benefit. You’re not the only one meant to eat the roast and potatoes.

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