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I love Christmas. Really, I just love the story of it. I love that Jesus came to save us. I love how God’s answer to our sin-cursed, horrible world was to send a baby. I love how Jesus loved us enough to die for us. And I love how Jesus didn’t stay dead!

But can we talk about Jesus’ incarnation for a minute? This is a King – no, THE King. The Prince of Peace Himself! He had more than anything that any earthly king can imagine when He was in Heaven, and none of the horrible pain that comes with being human. But He left that – ALL of it. Now He didn’t lose His position or title, but He left the place of these. He left the best place there is and came to a horrible place!

If that wasn’t enough, He came as a baby. The smallest form of human life there is. The most helpless form. And then He was born – in a time and place where most things weren’t very clean. And then He grew up. He probably had growing pains, too. But that is nothing compared to the pain that He went through before and on the cross. Because He loves us.

But you know what else He did because He loves us? He came back to life! Then He went back to Heaven. He stepped back up to the place of His actual position. And He’s there now, waiting to come back when it’s time!