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My church’s theme for this year has been about God’s light and how we are to let His light in so we can live it out to others. This past week I’ve had a mental picture to accompany one aspect of it. It’s like a rough sketch for now, but I think it’ll flesh out over time.

Two people are in the darkness. They were sent to search out some lost people and show them where they need to go for safety. There is nothing to be seen, but many things can be heard. One person unveils their lantern.

“What are you doing?” the other person asks.

“Using the lantern so I can see. That’s the point of having it. You have one, too. Why aren’t you using it?”

“The things in the dark will see us.”

“Yes. That’s the other point. There are people here who need saving, and they can’t find help if they can’t see it.”

“But there are monsters here!”

“Yes. We were sent to help rescue people from them. Remember that someone showed you to safety in this way.”

So the other person unveils their lantern.

As the search goes on, the lantern holders find that the monsters don’t like the light and don’t walk into it. Those who seek to trick them walk into the light, but can’t stay long as the light reveals what they really are. The people who need rescue are afraid of the light because they are afraid of being seen. But once they realize the light is good, they get to safety and are soon sent out with a light of their own to find others.