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The sermon yesterday morning prompted this post. In Psalm 14:1 we see that the fool says in his heart that there is no God. We find this verse quite easy to apply to atheists, but how many times have we Christians behaved and made decisions as if there is no God? We may not say out loud that there is no God, and we may not realize the attitude building up in our hearts, but we sometimes do not behave as if we believe there really is a God.

If you’re wondering about a few telltale signs that you’re behaving as if God doesn’t exist, I have a few points noted from the sermon.

You may be living a life that says there is no God if…
…you do not tithe,
…you do not witness,
…you do not serve,
…you worry and fret.

If God does not exist, then He can’t provide and there is no sense or point in tithing. If God does not exist, then there is no one and nothing to be witnessing about. If God does not exist, then there is no need to bother serving others and giving of myself to display His love. If God does not exist, then I am the only one who can do anything to help myself in life, and with my limited control I have to worry about so many things.

We call others fools for saying there is no God, so how much more foolish are we when we say God exists but act like He doesn’t? We’ve met God and known Him for a while! We have more proof to go with!

We must lead lives that show people that we really believe God is actually real. If we really believe in God, who He says He is, and what He has done, then we won’t go around like practical atheists, we will go around like God has things handled.