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Sometimes we talk about logic and emotion as if they are complete opposites. But God gave you both of them, and He made them to work together. Unfortunately they don’t always agree, though at other times they actually do agree with each other. But as much as you might favor one over the other, sometimes they can both be wrong.

Say it isn’t so! But yes, it can be so. Humans don’t always start in the right place with our logic or our emotions, so clearly we’ll end up in the wrong place. We can even start in the right place and then end up totally off course! It’s part of our flawed and corrupted nature. We can’t always be right, and we can’t always get our logic and emotion to work together.

Fortunately God can! God likes to engage our logic and our emotions together! While sometimes you may need one moved more than the other, God never engages just one to the exclusion of the other. And God Himself is logical and He is emotional, neither of these in the wrong measure! So He knows what He’s doing. He gave you something like He has, and knows best how to keep it working correctly.