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The past is the past and you should leave it there. You shouldn’t pitch a tent and live in it. But it is a good place to glance back on once in a while.

Say you have something going on in your life, something that puts your future into question. Or say you’re trying to come up with a plan, or you’re trying to figure out what to do. Say you actually do know what to do, you’re just afraid. It gives us comfort to know that God has the future, but sometimes we need to look back on the past that He also has.

Sometimes before going forward we might need to glance back at what God has already done. He had the future before, He still has it now. That time you were scared to go forward, God gave you courage. That time you weren’t sure which way to go, God in His time showed you the way. That time you weren’t sure what to do next, God lit up the next step.

If you don’t have a particular experience, you can still look back. God will handle this with the same faithfulness He has handled other things in your life. Still feel like you don’t have something to look back on? You can always look in the Bible, and you can ask someone else how God was faithful for them. And when this is done, you’ll have that new experience!

God has always been faithful and He does not change. So go forward with confidence; God’s got this.