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Last night I was thinking of some recent threats with global and personal implications. If worse comes to worst, what will we all do? But I was also reciting some memory verses: Romans 8:28-39. In verse 35 Paul almost rhetorically asks what could possibly separate us from Christ’s love, listing some hefty things. But in the next few verses Paul answers the question. He knows that there is nothing and no one that can separate us from God’s love, no matter what!

So whether or not these threats come to pass, I have Christ’s love. God is with me through it all, and I will not be cut off from Him! When I face any danger, calamity, or shortage, God will still be there loving me. It will all be okay, even in the midst of everything. Whether past, present, or future, there is no threat, no danger, no situation, no person, no organization, no power, no will, no thing, and no creature that can cut me off or take me away from God’s love!