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When Jesus saves you, He redeems you; He purchases you back. You were already His because He made you, then He bought you back from the slavery of sin. So now you belong to Him twice! Isn’t that awesome? (1 Corinthians 6:12-20, specifically vs. 19-20)

So when Jesus becomes the “Lord of your life,” that doesn’t just mean He gets to offer helpful suggestions and advice. A better term might be “King of your life” or “Master of your life.” Because when you belong to God twice, you have given Him your whole life and being. It will take you some time to fully realize and start behaving like it, but God owns you. Not like a cruel master, but like the good and kind King that He is.

So when I say we belong to God and God owns us, what do I mean? I mean just that; God gets to tell you what to do. Owning something means you get to control it and say what it does. God gets to be in full control. God owns your soul and spirit. God owns your brain and mind. God owns your body. God owns your work and actions. God owns your abilities and your capabilities. God owns your disabilities. God owns your strengths and your weaknesses. God owns your heart. God owns your attitude. God owns your emotions. God owns your relationships with family and friends. God even owns your love life. God even owns the very thoughts in your mind and heart. So God gets to tell you what to do with all of these things.

Now don’t for a second think that this is all horrifying. As I said, God is not a cruel Master. He is good and He is kind. He knows what is best and what you need and want. God will always take care of you in the best way possible. It may not look or feel like it all the time, but God will always give you His best when you leave the choice up to Him. Let God be the Master that you claim Him to be.