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This post is almost a continuation of Showing Love for God. Just like loving God has ways it shows up in your life, so does loving others.

Jesus told His disciples that they should love one another like He loves them (John 13:34 and 15:12 & 17). Loving others is a way to keep God’s commandments, and obeying what God says is a way to show love to God. Love is so important that people will know we are God’s followers because of it (John 6:35).

What does love for others look like? It looks like God’s love for us.

God gave Jesus to us when we didn’t deserve it. God gives us second chances when we don’t deserve it. God helps us through life, especially when we can’t make it on our own. God gives us help when we can’t take all our emotional and mental burdens on our own.

While we are not God and won’t be able to do everything for others that He does for us, it is important that we still do like God does as much as we can. We should tell others about Jesus. We should forgive others. We should give them second chances. We should help others in their troubles, and be there for them when they just need us to be around.

Loving others is part of what it looks like to love God. Loving God will grow you in love towards others. Loving God has a lot to do with loving others, and loving others has a lot to do with loving God.