Made to Be Ruled

I found something I’d written on my computer back in 2013, and part if it actually became a Facebook post not long afterwards, but I was surprised to find I’d never actually talked about this on my blog. We were made to be ruled. (Very minor spoiler alert for The Avengers, just in case.) Here’s what I wrote, combining my notes and the Facebook post:

“You were made to be ruled.”

It was spoken by the villain in a movie, Marvel’s The Avengers, as he forced a crowd of people to kneel before him. He spoke of “the unspoken truth of humanity,” of how we all need someone to follow, of how we were “made to be ruled.”

It is true. We were indeed made to be ruled. We do indeed need to follow someone. But we were not made to be ruled by or to follow anyone less than the God who created us. You can talk all you want about how you are no one’s slave or servant. You can talk all day about how you refuse to follow someone or something.

But you will always serve something.
But you will always serve someone.

You can refuse to follow one thing, but you will follow another.
You can refuse to follow one person, but you will follow another.

Who or what do you follow? Who or what do you serve? Where you spend your time and money will tell you a lot about what is important to you. What are you authenticating?

You will always follow someone. You will always follow something. Being “made to be ruled” is not a bad thing if you follow the Creator who loves you and will protect you as you follow Him.

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