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We all have lists: things we need to do, things we want to do, offenses committed against us, good things done for us, things someone else needs or wants us to do, things in the budget or not. Let’s look at the offensive list.

You will obtain quite a list of offenses against you in life. What you do with that list makes a huge difference in how joyful and free you can be in life. I’m not saying to just let people get away with things, I am saying we should learn to let go of the negativity from offenses that so easily drags on us. When looking at the offense list, it helps to remember what God did with your list. If you and I think we have offenses, think about how offended a perfectly holy God is with fallen humans every day! As Christians, when we look at our specific lists of offenses and are thinking about what to do with them, we need to remember what God did with ours. Let God help you forgive as well as He does.

Now let’s talk about the good things list. Even if we’re doing well and getting rid of the offenses list, we should also be paying more attention to the good things! People do good things for us all the time. God does good things for us all the time. Sometimes we don’t realize some of the good things that are done, and we don’t put them on the list. But if we pay attention and listen to God, He can write that list more accurately.

Actually, God can write any list more accurately, be it the good things or the offenses, or even the things you need to do. Let God help you make your lists, and then let Him help you handle them!