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When a person declares that they are God or a god, we know they’re crazy. We know we humans are not God and we cannot be. But at the same time, mankind is more and more looking to himself for answers, solutions, and morality. We are looking more and more to ourselves for guidance, power, and authority. Whether we realize it or not, humanity is attempting to be its own god.

When we remove the knowledge of and belief in God from our minds and consciences, we are removing the very and only One who gives us purpose. We humans are hard-wired to know there is a God, hard-wired with a need to follow a supreme being and to worship that being. When we remove God from His rightful place, something must fill the void. That’s why we often look to leaders and causes to follow. We must follow someone and must work towards something, and so often we settle for far, far less than that for which we were created.

We humans, even Christians at times, tend to think that we know better than God. It’s a crazy idea, but we do think so and we do act like it. We start worrying, doubting, taking things into our own hands, making our own way in life, choosing our own destiny, following our hearts. But we fall so gravely short of all that God is and all that God has for us. As far as we can reach on our own, it’s still not far enough. As many things as we can accomplish on our own, it’s a mere sandcastle next to a stone stronghold.

God is the most powerful being we can know or comprehend. God has created us and every piece of matter, bolt of energy, and law of physics we have discovered and will discover. God is in control of all these things. God has the most epic, wonderful, overarching plans for humanity that we’ve ever heard of, and they will be accomplished regardless of our participation, but He invites us to be part of them!

God has made you for more than just the things you can touch, see, and control. You must realize who you are, and how weak and limited you are. You must fully realize just how powerful the real God is! God doesn’t need your help, but He has a place for you to help anyway if you will take it.

There is a God, and you are not Him. There is a God, and He is bigger than everything you can know or imagine. There is a God, and He cares about your existence in a deeper way than even you do.