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Recently I’ve come to notice a juxtaposition in my mind of the major points of Jesus’ life when He first came. Not that I don’t know these major points of birth, death, and resurrection. They’re just closer together in my head than usual.

We like Jesus as a baby in the manger. We like how He is God’s gift to us. But while we know He came to save us from sin, we often don’t put the manger picture close enough to the pictures of the cross and the resurrection in our minds.

Seriously, think about it. Jesus came to save us from our sins BY DYING! Then He proved and sealed it all BY RESURRECTING! That baby in the manger scene is the same as the man in the crucifixion scene! The man on the cross is the same as the man who didn’t stay in the tomb!

I hope I’m getting across to you what has been coming to my mind. Jesus came as a baby and grew up to die for our sins and rise again from the dead so He could save us and bring us to Heaven!

Little baby Jesus did not stay a little baby.

Little baby Jesus died.

Little baby Jesus rose again.

Little baby Jesus is not a little baby.

Jesus is on the right hand of God’s throne.

Jesus is going to come back one day.