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What does godly wisdom look like? How do you know someone is wise in this way? What is wisdom in the first place? Where did it come from?

We’ll start by looking at the place from whence we find wisdom. Looking at Job 28:12-28, we find that wisdom comes from God. In James 1:5 we find that we can even ask God to give it to us!

In the aforementioned passage in Job (verse 28) and in Psalm 111:10, we find out what wisdom is. Wisdom is the fear and reverence of God. When we give God the proper respect and obedience, we are being wise.

Looking at James 3:13-18, we see what wisdom looks like. If we are wise in a godly way, our lives and attitudes will be good. We will be kind and humble, not envious and full of strife. When we listen to God and live the way He wants us to, He will show us more about what wisdom is. As a side note, I find it interesting that wisdom is explained in the context of watching your tongue! (James 3:1-12)

In conclusion, the wiser we are, the godlier we will be. The godlier we are, the wiser we will be. These are bound together. God is the giver of wisdom.