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Freedom isn’t free. There are people who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their own freedoms so that others can have theirs. There are people who die without ever seeing the freedom for which they fight. There are people who live a life with no freedom so that they may secure freedom for someone else. Sometimes fighting for freedom means that you have to go without it for a while, and perhaps even die without it. But if freedom is truly meaningful, then someone should have it, even if it isn’t you.

Your freedom should not encroach on another person’s freedom. Just because you are free to do something, doesn’t mean that you have to or that you should. Your freedom should not take another person’s freedom away. Your freedom should be helpful to the people around you, especially to those who have no freedom themselves.

Once it is obtained, freedom must be maintained. Freedom can’t just sit doing nothing. Use it or lose it. There are those who will try to take it, whether secretly or openly. Use your freedom, use it wisely, and defend it from those who would take it.

Earthly freedom can be fleeting and temporary. But spiritual freedom in Christ is permanent. Once God sets you free from the bondage and slavery of sin, you will always be God’s free child. So whether we live lives of earthly bondage or of earthly freedom, we can still live lives that are truly free.