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This one’s for computer geeks and gamers. Ever wonder why God says you can’t be good enough by yourself? He wants to save everyone from sin and death, but why can’t you just be good enough on your own?

Because that’s not how it works. You can’t be good enough by yourself, even if everyone else thinks so.

Think with me. Picture a computer that can run really high-end games with high-res graphics, perfect quality sound, awesome game mechanics, and fantastic gameplay, all without getting stuck at any point, or dropping the frame rate. I’m not an expert, but you can probably fill in the details about what’s inside this perfect computer and how it runs. Go ahead and build a computer in your mind. Is it awesome?

Now a new game has come out that this computer can’t run. This cool computer literally lacks the capacity and ability to run this game. It’s a really cool, really epic game, but the computer just can’t run it.

Unless someone rebuilds and upgrades the computer.

That’s like how it works with us. We may have the capacity to do some pretty good things, but we lack the capacity to do anything more. We’re stuck and hopeless, because just like computers, we can’t upgrade or rebuild ourselves. Someone else has to do the upgrading and rebuilding.

That’s where God comes in, and that is where we are not like computers. We get to decide whether or not we allow ourselves to be rebuilt and upgraded. You’re not good enough on our own, but God can make you good enough if you let Him have control.

Life isn’t a game that you run and play, but it is even more epic. Do you know what you’re missing?