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Each human being has an awareness of God and morality. It is hardwired into us. We are “programmed” to know that there is Someone beyond us and that there is a clear definition of right and wrong. But this “programming” is corrupted.

Yes, we can usually tell right from wrong. Yes, we all feel like there’s something more to life. But because we’re corrupt, we don’t fully get it. We’re missing pieces that we’re incapable of replacing. We’re damaged and incapable of self-repair. There are gaps and inconsistencies that we cannot fill in or recalibrate. Sometimes we get so corrupted that we no longer work the way we should at all.

So what do you do when a program isn’t running correctly, and you can’t fix it yourself? You get the person who wrote the program to do something about it.

Since God wrote our “programming,” He knows exactly how it is supposed to run. Which means to be repaired, all we have to do is go to Him!

So this is where we aren’t like a programmed thing, like a computer or a robot. We get to choose whether or not to get our programming repaired, up and running to its full capacity. We get to choose whether or not it gets corrupted further.

And we get to choose no matter how badly corrupted we have made ourselves. God can salvage and repair any and every damaged moral compass that each human has.

Once repaired, keep going to God to stay calibrated. Over time He will help you work better and better.