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I was doing my Bible reading on Tuesday, and I was struck anew by verse four of Psalm 93. “The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waters of the sea.”

God is mightier than the sea.

Obviously, but I really thought about that for a few moments.

The sea is huge! No one but God really knows what all is in it. The sea can be so calm as to look like glass, and it can be so tempestuous as to swallow parts of land itself. Boats can be carried safely on it or overturned by it. If you get caught in a strong current or tide, you’re in trouble. The sea can push things to shore, or pull things hopelessly far away from it. It can be very scary and very dangerous.

Yet God is mightier than that.

God is even more dangerous than that.

But God loves you.

Yes, God is dangerous and sometimes scary. But He is also loving. You won’t feel as secure in His love if you don’t know how strong He is. Because God loves you, He will protect you. Someone mightier and more dangerous than the sea can definitely do that!