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As Christians we are in a spiritual war. But sometimes we forget who the real enemy is and we start attacking the humans that God has called us to love and invite to His side.

Sometimes Christians, or people who merely say they are, berate people for having sin in their lives as if said Christian has never sinned and doesn’t struggle with it anymore. So many are fond of quoting 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and beating people over the head with it, but forget about verse 11: we were these people. And if you really look at the list of sins Paul wrote out, we all still struggle with a lot of them, even if only in our minds (see what Jesus said about thoughts in Matthew 5:27-28). We don’t qualify for the kingdom of God either, it is God that makes us qualify. God didn’t brutally attack us to win us to Himself and make us qualified, so why should we Christians attack someone that God wants drawn near?

Just because someone has sin that you don’t struggle with, or sin that is more obvious than yours, or sin that makes you more uncomfortable than other kinds of sin, doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to treat them as lesser than you, or somehow un-rescuable. Jesus did not die and rise again for only you. Jesus’ power is not limited to changing only certain people’s lives. Is God loving and all-powerful, or isn’t He? Jesus loves the whole world, every single person in it, and has the power to change every person’s life. You and I are not called to push people around or attack them; we are called to love them, to help them, to tell them the truth in a winsome and kind manner.

Jesus has plenty of love and power for every person, even the ones we don’t like. Remember who you were and remember the God you serve. If God can point to your sin and still gently bring you to Himself, then He can certainly do it for someone else. If God can turn you around and change your life and behavior, then He can certainly do this for someone else.