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I’m sharing notes again. Any time I hear something interesting, wise, funny, and/or profound, I write it down. I have several collections of notes hither and thither that I sometime re-read, and I looked at some more today.

God is the one who identifies me. He knows who and what I am, so He gets to say so.

If we haven’t opened our mouth in prayer we certainly shouldn’t open it in condemnation.

Your vision of God should cause you to desire to reach your generation!

Jesus calls people just like you. He calls unlikely people from unlikely places. He takes the initiative in calling. Jesus elevates your life with His call. Following Jesus always requires sacrifice.

We can talk about our faith, but if we do not live our faith people won’t see Christ, they’ll see hypocrisy.

Your sin offends God. This is what you need to realize before you are saved, because you need to know what you’re being saved from.

Before the truth sets you free, it makes you miserable.

God is not bound by time. When is God not there?