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(Previously: More to Life, Part 1)

Why do humans lose hope and consider suicide when we feel we have no purpose? Why does it bother us to see injustice, and how do we even know what that is and to be bothered by it in the first place? Why do we have concepts of purpose and morality hard-wired into us? Why do we need a reason to live? Why do we need rules by which to live? Where do these reasons and rules even come from? Why do so many cultures have a concept of God and of creation? Animals don’t have or need all this, and they aren’t even aware of it. They just eat, sleep, survive as long as they can to pass on their genes, and die. But we humans, it’s as if we were made differently.

So many human cultures have a concept of things being created. So many human cultures have a concept of God. Humans have cultures in the first place. We have concepts of morality and justice. We make and have laws to uphold these concepts. We punish wrong-doing and reward well-doing. Somehow we can all even agree that certain things are definitely wrong and certain things are definitely right, regardless of culture or religion.

We also care for our sick and disabled, and even find cures for them. We see to it that our aged loved ones die with dignity, even when their physical minds and bodies no longer work the way they should. We accommodate and help those with physical deformities and genetic and mental deficiencies. We realize that life is important, that it is significant and sacred.

We protect. We care. We love. It means something to us that we exist. We know there’s something more to life than just passing on genetics. We aren’t made to pass on “superior” genetics and weed out the “inferior.” We don’t let the weak die just because they’re weak. We realize there is more to a human than just physicality and mental acuity.

But why? If existence and the universe are all just an accident, then who cares? Let evolution take its course. Why hold ourselves back from better future genetics? Animals live on just fine without moral rules, and while there are some who take care of each other, they would still survive and be just fine if they didn’t take care of their sick and disabled. Where and how far do you think we could go without these rules and this care? Then again, if everything is an accident, then even evolution and the continuance of “superior genes” is pointless.

So why do we even care in the first place? Why and how do we know there’s a point, a purpose, to existence and the universe? Why and how do we even have a concept of something beyond what we can physically experience?

God put knowledge and evidence of Himself within us and around us (Acts 17:24-29; Romans 1:19-21). We can overlook it, we can misinterpret it, and we can flat out deny it, but we have no excuses because it is all right in front of us and right inside us.