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(Previously: More to Life, Part 4) Final part in the series. Thanks for reading!

In the last part I talked about our shortcomings as created beings and how our Creator has set up a way to fix things. Our shortcomings are due to our free will in the first place, but God has set up this way to fix it without taking our free will away! We still get to choose. God still loves us and we still get to choose to love in return or not.

When Jesus willingly gave His life for ours, paying for ALL the sins we committed that He never committed, that was the ultimate declaration of, “I love you!” The God of the universe who has full right to start over came as a man to live here with us, suffer for us, die for us, and rise again for us! When you believe that, when you agree with God about your horrendous sin, admit it, believe on and in Jesus for what He has done to save you from yourself, and confess it, you are saved.

Wait, just admit, believe, and confess? Yep. It’s that simplicity that often gets us, and again our pride thinks we can and should do more. But there’s nothing we can do. Jesus did all the work, all we have to do is choose what to do about it. You get to choose to stay as you are and handle sin and life on your own, which you can’t do in the first place, or you can choose freedom from your sin, letting God direct you in goodness instead of pride. You can choose eventual and permanent separation from God in Hell, or you can choose eventual and permanent presence with God in Heaven. While you live, you can choose eternal death and deep suffering after life, or you can choose eternal life and true pleasure after life.

So because we each have a full choice, we can see how loving God is. He doesn’t leave us in our sin or take away our volition. He made a way for us to be forgiven and to live the best way possible! He made a way for us to spend forever with Him in Heaven! He made a way for us not to have to go to Hell for our sins! God doesn’t want any one of His humans to go to Hell, no matter how bad. He wants to forgive us all and throw our sins far away so we can be with Him. He loves while allowing us to love or not as we please. Even at the end of your physical life God will never take away your free will, He will respect the choice you have made about Him.