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I missed a post on Monday, but I still have more things to write so I’m posting today. Here we go.

Laughter is a wondrous, strange, and amusing sound. Laughter is one of the most beautiful, musical sounds I have ever heard. It comes in such a variety, too! There are so many pitches, tones, timbres, volumes, rhythms, tempos, and intensities!

Laughter makes you feel good, and can keep you healthier. If you have a good friend that makes you laugh, keep that friend! When you have a good laugh at something, you are happy. Usually for the duration of the laughter, but at least for a split second, you forget that there are any problems. You enjoy the moment for what it is. Laughter is a sound of openness, a sense of cares being lifted, the music of relief and release. One of my favorite things is to enjoy laughing with someone, and realizing in the middle of it just how much I love them.

I like to make people laugh. I like it when people are happy and joyful. I consider it a job well done if I can get at least one person literally on the floor laughing. The more undignified the laugh, the better the job I have done!

The next time you find something funny enough to laugh at, enjoy it! Who cares if you snort? That makes it even better! Be the friend that knows how to laugh, and be the friend that knows how to make someone laugh!