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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I share my notes from time to time. I take notes during sermons and lessons at church, and sometimes I’ll write something down outside of church if I hear someone say something profound. I’ll write on anything I’ve got, and for a while it’s been scraps of paper that I happen to have with me. But I’ve recently received a new notebook and I’ve already begun enthusiastically filling it with notes, so I have a few more to share.

When the Bible says that God’s Word will not return void, it does not mean that a person will always respond favorably to the Word; people will accept it or not, and there are consequences either way. These consequences are what it means when the Bible says God’s Word does not return empty.

Doing what you need to do and doing what is right are both the same thing.

Often when we Christians talk about repentance, we talk more about non-believers than we do about believers, but we believers need repentance, too!

If you’re not right with God, what makes you think that you’ll be clear and free with evangelism? You cannot breathe out until you breathe in.

Sometimes we think that we would give our lives for the cause of Christ in the sense that we would die for it, but we often don’t give our lives in the sense that we live for the cause of Christ!