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You might recognize the saying in the title. Barney Fife said it often. Honestly it’s a good saying. If you take care of something while it’s small, then it won’t be so bad later.

Got weeds in the garden? Pick them while they’re small and the roots are not strong and deep. If you let them grow, they get much harder to pull.

Got a little mess in the kitchen? Clean it up sooner rather than later so things don’t have time to set and harden, making it much harder to scrub off later.

Got a stain on your clothes or furniture? Treat it now so it doesn’t have time to set in and never come out.

Got a little bad habit that’s forming? Start stopping now and replace it with a better one. It’s much easier to get out of a shallow rut than a deep one you’ve been digging for a while.

Got a boulder you need to roll? Get it started and don’t stop until you get it where it needs to go. Keeping a boulder rolling is easier than getting it started, so don’t stop and go if you can help it.

Got a machine that you want to keep running smoothly? Keep it clean and oiled regularly. It’s a lot easier and better to keep a machine going through regular maintenance than it is to wait until it breaks down to fix it.

Want to keep good health or take steps towards better health? Take walks, eat good food, drink plenty of water. Doing even small things that are good for you can work wonders! If you put in some effort now, it’ll save you a lot of effort later. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

God a good habit you want to start? Just start. The sooner you get it going the better! The longer you do something, the easier it becomes to continue.