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Preachers, pastors, and missionaries are all expected to have a strong and deep knowledge of the Bible and what it means, but for some reason we often feel that preachers and the like are the only ones expected to really study and know these things. While a preacher, pastor, or missionary should certainly have and continually cultivate their Bible knowledge and God knowledge, it isn’t just for them, it’s for all Christians! We all need it! And honestly, if we’re really serious about God and we really love Him, shouldn’t that show up in a desire for Him?

You and I aren’t going to know God more if we don’t apply ourselves to seeking Him in daily prayer and Bible reading. We won’t deepen our knowledge of God’s Word if we don’t read it regularly. We won’t easily call specific Scriptures to mind when we need them if we don’t memorize them. We won’t really know the beautiful, intricate details of what God has done and what He has to say if we don’t study the Bible and pray.

Knowing God deeper and knowing His Word better are not exclusive to preachers. All Christians need and should desire to know God and the Bible better. We all have different ways and paces of learning, but learn we should!