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I’ve mentioned before that I jot wisdom and wit down when I think of them or hear them. I decided it’s time to share a little more.

Do what you should while you are able.

We can sometimes be like Martha and Mary when Jesus raised Lazarus; we believe Jesus can take care of the future and not that He can handle things now. Jesus can handle and take care of it all!

Sometimes God gives us the ability to participate in His miracles. He could do them without us, but by giving us something to do He gives us the opportunity to act in faith, stretching us as we believe what He will do.

There are things about God that are not so much to be understood as they are to be accepted by faith.

Christianity was never meant to be kept to yourself!

Jesus came to save the world before He judges it.

Christian commitment is unconditional surrender to Christ.

Note the difference between technical and whole-hearted obedience.