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Once again I was looking through some notes and thought I’d share.

God is only angry when it would be wrong not to be.

God is secure. You can question, doubt, yell, shake your fist at Him, but if you’ll listen to His response, God will settle everything for you.

Remember Listening takes time, and God will do things in His time.

Once peace is found, praise naturally flows.

Everyone’s life has a center. Our center is the hub around which all decisions revolve.

Many have just enough religion to bug them, but not enough to bless them. We want to be in Christ, but many of us don’t want to be in “too far.” But God has called us higher. We are in the world but not to be of it.

A doubt is anything that causes us to hesitate at God’s ability and willingness to do and be all He said.

Every year you grow, you will find God bigger.